About us

Development and Production SOFTdent®

We create the best and the most health-friendly oral hygiene products for you. The SOFTdent ® line products are exceptional thanks to their ergonomic shapes and the use of special materials and bristles of the third millennium.

The idea to create a modern and high-quality brand in the field of "ORAL CARE" dates back to the beginning of 2010. It was born with the assistance of experienced experts in the field of dentistry and oral cavity care from the Czech Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany.

More than ten years of experience in the field allows us to offer you smart and effective means for the care of your teeth and oral cavity.

We are pleased that we already have a number of firsts in the field to our credit:

  • We are the first to introduce the L-shaped interdental brush ergonomics in the Czech Republic 
  • We are the first to introduce ergonomic handles with a pencil grip for a toothbrush in conjunction with the weight balance of both ends
  • We are the first to fit the toothbrush head with spiral bristles featuring twisted effect for increased abrasiveness  
  • In May 2020, we are launching one of the most successful lines of ecological toothbrushes on the market, SOFTdent ECO. During the production, we use cedar wood to reduce the overall consumption of plastics and protect the environment.

Our production follows the principles of good manufacturing practice, and we carefully select individual components from the best suppliers around the world with a proven track record.

Our products are carried by major retail chains, such as dm, Rossmann, Teta, Tesco, Lidl, as well as pharmacies.

About company ALFA VITA s.r.o.

ALFA VITA, s.r.o. is a dynamic Czech company with a thirty-year tradition, which focuses on the production of medical devices, dietary supplements, cosmetics, tick removal and dental hygiene products.

We supply our products to major pharmacy chains, healthcare facilities and retail chains in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

We follow the latest trends and technologies in the production and development of our products and use materials that do not pollute the environment. We work with leading experts and institutions in their respective fields to create the best solutions for our customers. We always bring our customers proven, quality products at a fair price.

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