Bamboo Wood Dental Brushes

These VEGAN brushes are 100% ecological. Only plant-based material with functional additives is used for their production.

Toothbrushes are available in ULTRASOFT, SOFT, and MEDIUM versions in packs of 1 and 3.

Interdental brushes made of bamboo wood

100% ecologically produced toothbrushes - VEGAN, for the production of which only plant material with functional additive components is used. The interdental brushes are exceptional because of their ergonomically shaped longer handle for better grip and easy cleaning of even hard to reach areas in the oral cavity.

Children's toothbrushes made of bamboo wood

Children's toothbrushes are made of fine fibres that do not damage the surface of children's teeth and gums and give sensitive areas a natural massage. They have a small head adapted to children's mouths, attractive coloured bristles and an ergonomic handle shaped just right for little fingers.