Cedar Wood Toothbrushes

When developing the ecological SOFTdent® series, we focused not only on the health of your teeth, but also on nature. During production, we use a natural admixture, namely cedar wood (minimum 35%), and thereby contribute to reducing the consumption of plastics.

The toothbrush handle, extended for a better grip, is made of cedar wood and polypropylene. The brushes have a compact head for better reach of less accessible areas of the oral cavity, and high-quality, long-lasting bristles.

Available in ULTRASOFT, SOFT, and MEDIUM versions in packs of 1 and 3 brushes.

PLA Plastic Interdental Brushes 

SOFTdent® curved interdental brushes are made from renewable resources and as such help protect the environment. The handle is made from PLA plastic (Polylactic acid), the basic raw material of which is biomass and natural materials. Designed for active cleaning of interdental spaces, as tooth decay and periodontitis prevention. Thanks to their special L-shape, they effectively clean and remove food residues and plaque, even from hard-to-reach places between the teeth. Available in XS, S, M, and MIX sized 10 packs.

PLA Plastic Dental Floss Picks

SOFTdent® ECO dental floss picks made from PLA plastic are designed for removal of plaque from interdental spaces which are hard to clean using a toothbrush. The fine dental floss easily removes plaque, while the wide PLA plastic handle ensures firm and comfortable grip. The pointed end works as a toothpick and effectively removes food residues. Dental floss picks are packed in a practical lockable box.