Curved Interdental Brushes

SOFTdent “L-System” curved interdental brushes are designed for active cleaning of interdental spaces, as a tooth decay and periodontitis prevention. Thanks to their special shape, they effectively clean and remove food residues and plaque, even from hard-to-reach places between the teeth.

SOFTdent® Butterfly interdental brushes have an ergonomically shaped extended handle for a better grip and easy use. Specially coated wire and fine bristles protect sensitive gums and tooth necks.

SOLO Single Tuft Toothbrushes

SOLO Single Tuft Toothbrushes with fine round-tipped bristles cut short are suitable for cleaning hard-to-reach places, erupting teeth, molars, tooth necks, implants, and braces. Suitable for the so-called solo technique - cleaning each individual tooth with a gentle circular motion with an emphasis on cleaning the gum line. In three colour versions.

FLEXI PICK Toothpicks

SOFTdent® Butterfly FLEXI PICK toothpicks with a brush made of flexible material are designed for cleaning all sizes of interdental spaces. They gently massage the gums and, thanks to the practical lockable box, are a great companion for the office or travelling.

Dental Floss Picks

SOFTdent® Butterfly dental floss picks are designed for removal of plaque from interdental spaces which are hard to clean using a toothbrush. Fine floss easily removes plaque, while the wide ergonomic handle ensures firm grip. The pointed end effectively removes food residues. Dental floss picks are packed in a practical lockable box.

Mint-flavoured Dental Floss

Dental floss coils in a practical lockable box featuring a modern design. This expanding mint-flavoured floss grows thicker during flossing.

Fresh Mint Oral Deodorant

SOFTdent® Fresh mint oral deodorant is a practical mint-flavoured oral spray that freshens the breath. It reliably eliminates the smell of coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, and various foods. It ensures your breath is fresh whenever you need it. Ideal for travelling.